The 4 Biggest Factors To Your Website’s SEO

November 5, 2023
November 5, 2023 Mike Hauben

You want to rank higher on Google. But what are the actual things you need to work on to improve your SEO rank? Here are the areas to focus on.


Site Structure

Your site structure will determine how easy it is for Google to crawl (explore) your website. This means making sure it has high readability, uses a proper sitemap, and more. If you’re using a popular website platform like WordPress or Shopify, this part is pretty much done for you – just make sure your sitemap is submitted to Google.


The Content

If you don’t have a page on your website that talks about each of your main services, you WILL NOT rank on Google. Flat out, you MUST have content on your website to tell Google what your website is about. It has no other way of knowing.

This is why SEO requires blogging and constantly adding new content to your website. By including informative pages on your website, you’re helping Google learn what type of site it is. This is how Google will determine whether or not to display your website.



It’s a very good thing when a company adds a link to your website on their website. This is called a backlink, and Google treats it as a sign of trust. After all, Google’s goal is always to display the most relevant information to the searcher. And if a big, credible website is recommending you and putting a link on their page to yours, Google feels like they can trust you, too, and will rank you much higher.

Part of SEO is literally just getting links to your page.


Site Performance

If your website is slow or has mobile errors, Google won’t rank you. Google doesn’t want to show broken, outdated websites to their searchers.

Even if you run a WordPress or Shopify site, it doesn’t guarantee that your site speed will be high. Sometimes you will need to actively work on this for a while to make sure your page load times are fast enough.


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