Service Businesses Should Use Proper Landing Pages To Increase Marketing Success

March 26, 2022
March 26, 2022 Mike Hauben

Using the right kind of “landing pages” can make a big impact on your advertising campaigns. So what’s a Landing Page?

What’s A Landing Page?

Most strong marketing campaigns have three core components:

The Initial “Lure” – This is the ad or piece of content that got someone to the landing page on your website.

The Right Landing Page – Once someone clicks on that initial lure, they’re brought to a page on your website that was SPECIFICALLY MADE to close the sale (more on this in a moment).

Retargeting Ads – These are ads that will “follow” those visitors around the web, reminding them about your product or services.

The impression your landing page leaves on your visitor is a legitimate factor as to whether they’ll purchase the product or request more information from you. Therefore, a lot of research has been done by marketers around the globe to figure out how to make the best landing pages possible for their products or services.

After all, a better landing page = more customers.

Why Use Landing Pages?

When you run an ad campaign for your product (or service), you need to bring visitors to a page on your website that talks only about that product.

For example, if you’re a Lawn Care company running an ad campaign for lawn chemicals, the ad should bring people to a page on your website all about the lawn chemical services you offer.

Not your homepage, not to a general “services” page that talks about everything you offer, but a single page talking about a single service.

The reason we do this is simple – if someone clicked on your ad for that service, you know they’re already a warm lead. Theres no reason to try to pitch them your other 10 services right now. The page’s job is to convince them to inquire for more info about the ad they just clicked – in this case, lawncare chemicals.

You can always introduce the client to other services at a later time, like in email blasts or during your initial consultation with them.

What Makes A “Good” Landing Page?

No Distractions

The first key element of a successful landing page is to minimize the amount of distractions on the page.

Remember – our goal here is to get the visitor to submit their contact info or request information, and every little button and element on your website is something else for them to click, leave the page, and not submit that form to you.

Many landing pages are even designed without a menu bar at the top of the page. The company wants the visitor to submit their info on this page, rather than browsing around the website and getting distracted.

Easy Form At Top Of Page

The goal of your landing page is to convince a visitor to request more information – whether thats by calling you or filling out the form on the page. This form needs to be placed pretty high up on the page. This way the visitor sees the form right away before having to scroll too far down.

Clear, Direct Headlines and Text

The words on the page should clearly outline the service or offer. Make sure each headline is direct and outlines the page in an easy-to-read way. All the Call To Actions on the page should be to direct the reader to submit their info on the page.

Testimonials & Social Proof

This landing page is the perfect place to put testimonials from your previous customers. If you have video testimonials, even better.

This is your chance to show your potential customers that you’ve done a really good job with your previous clients – which brings me to the last key point:


You need to have professional photos on this page. If you’re a catering company, you’d want photos and videos of your previous event. If you’re an event company, add some really amazing shots from your parties.

This is your chance to show off while the customer is interested.


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