Repetitive Long-Term Branding

November 7, 2022
November 7, 2022 Mike Hauben

Much of the marketing battle is simply having people remember your name.

In an age where people consume information at a rapid fast rate, it’s rare that anyone ever buys anything – let alone pays attention to you – right away.

That’s why it is so important to constantly show your ads to your audience online. Potential customers usually need to hear about your business for a while before they purchase.

Some businesses don’t need long-term branding to get new customers. If I had a faucet leak, I would quickly look up a plumber online and if he had good reviews, I’d ask him to come over.

However, for luxury and commodity brands, that’s just not how people purchase things.

Typically, these types of purchases involve weeks, months, or even years of research before someone makes a purchase. So you need to constantly be in front of your audience, showing them your logo, reinforcing your brand values, and reminding them that you’re the best company to go to when they’re ready to buy.

This is why social media and email marketing need to be a part of every brand’s marketing strategy.

Similarly, this need of long-term branding is specifically why businesses should stop thinking that digital marketing channels bring instant results. If you’re just starting to embark on your digital marketing, remember that it simply takes time for people to remember your brand.


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