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We’ve put together this guide to give you realistic ballpark pricing.


Please keep in mind, though, that every project is different.

We’ll work with you the best we can on price. Just shoot us a message: mike@haubenmedia.com.

Website Pricing

Website typical price: $2,500-5,000 depending on your needs.


Most websites we build for local businesses that do not require any kind of online ordering run around $3,000. For example, a really nice 8 page “informative” website for a local small business without an online store.

Advanced websites – such as sophisticated ecommerce websites – typically cost $4,500. These sites typically perform exceptionally well (page speed) and have higher demands.

Complex websites – such as websites that require advanced user databases, major technical customization, or other complex features beyond ecommerce – cost $5,000-$12,000.

Marketing Pricing


Search Engine Optimization



We’ll help you rank high organically on Google.

  • Weekly Updates
  • No long-term contracts, but SEO typically takes 6+ months to work.
  • Includes a complete SEO approach – including creating content, optimizing your website, creating backlinks, and more.


Online Ads Management



We’ll create and manage professional, effective ad campaigns across Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Weekly Updates
  • No Long-Term Contract
  • Regular “organic” posting is still your job
  • Full-service Graphic Design included


Facebook & Instagram posting



Some companies prefer we handle their organic Facebook and Instagram posting in addition to managing their ads.

  • Weekly Updates
  • No Long-Term Contract
  • Proper hashtags and best-practices
  • Full-service Graphic Design included
  • “Reels” not included but can be added for a small fee

Need a complete solution?

Complete Digital Marketing Management



We’ll be your company’s complete digital marketing arm:

  • Search Engine Optimization +
  • Google Ads
  • Google My Business (local listing) Management
  • Social Media Ads
  • Social Media Posting
  • Email Marketing (weekly newsletter)
  • Website Tech Support

Graphic Pricing

Graphics cost a few hundred bucks.


We typically charge around $300 to design a logo (depending on how complex the art is).

Larger design projects – like multi-page brochures – cost a little more.

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