About Our Agency

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Mike Hauben -  a professional freelance web developer and digital marketer based in Long Island. You may know me from my involvement with The Centurion Jewelry Show (I’m their Creative Director and Head Of Marketing) or JewelryEcomm.com (I’m the founder and editor).

Hiring a talented freelancer could be an extremely smart choice for your business. Despite having a very large amount of experience, I'm able to keep costs much lower than my competitors because I don't have many expenses. I don't have a fancy office - I've been producing award-winning work for years right from my desk at home.

"Freelance" gets a bad name in the web design world, and rightfully so - the creative industry is extremely flakey. I've heard the countless stories from small businesses who have had their website guy vanish and stop returning calls. Things like that will never happen with me. My agency is my life's passion - even when I'm relaxing at home, I'm working on my computer. When you love web design and marketing as much as me, it's easy to enjoy the work.

What it comes down to is passion for the work. You’ll notice it from day one when we sit down to discuss your project, and years from now when your website continues to impress your toughest critics and customers.

Am I Talented?

It's tough writing a list of accomplishments without seeming extremely arrogant. Still, it's important to know why I may be a great fit for your company.

    • 15 Years Experience
    • I'm a senior level developer and have managed major design teams
    • I'm multi-certified
    • I'm a well-known author and digital educator, and operate a digital training website with over 900 members and thousands of hits a month.
    • I've received awards for entrepreneurship with my digital work. I'm a fellow business owner, like you.
    • I'm multi-disciplined. I have tremendous experience in graphic design, web development, and digital marketing.

Technical Qualifications