About Our Agency & Team

Our team is quite skilled, but what it really comes down to is passion for the work. You’ll notice it on day one when we meet to discuss your project, and for years to come when we continue to impress your toughest critics and customers.

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We’re a full-service digital agency from Long Island, founded in 2002 by developer Mike Hauben. We craft bespoke websites with tremendous care, and help brands strategize and execute their digital marketing strategies.

Our team is comprised of a small team of independent pros, highly regarded in their areas of expertise. If you’re in the market for a new creative team, we’d love to be the agency to knock it out of the park for you.


Our Team


Mike Hauben

Developer and Marketer


Mike Hauben is a web developer and digital marketer with over 20 professional certifications (Adobe, Hubspot, Yoast).


Mike is also a well-known digital consultant. He’s the creator and editor of the JewelryEcomm marketing website with over 10k monthly readers. Here, he’s authored full digital marketing courses and over 200 digital marketing tutorials. His work has earned him tremendous credibility in recent years – including guest spots on marketing podcasts and being featured as a keynote speaker at a number of industry events. He recently spoke on digital marketing at the JA show at the Javits Center in NYC.


Prior to the agency growing to full-time status, Mike was lucky to lead a design team for a major manufacturing company – designing products and packaging for the likes of the WWE, Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, American Eagle, Radioshack, and many others.


Nicolas Bruno

Renowned Photographer


Nicolas Bruno is a top photographer with over 75,000 Instagram followers.


His work has been consistently recognized by the most authoritative brands in the world. He was a featured panelist for Nikon’s panel at CES 2019, and VICE recently covered Nick in a mini documentary. Nick’s work has been featured by The Huffington Post as well as on the cover of CNN Style.


A selection of Nick’s work has traveled to Ferrara, Italy to be shown in the Festival di Fotografia, where multiple artists exhibited in historical and forgotten spaces throughout the city. Nick’s recent gallery show, titled “In Limbo”, received rave reviews at the Haven Gallery in New York.


Nick’s photography ability doesn’t end with his artistic work. He’s a talented product and portrait photographer, and formerly worked as an in-house photographer for Etsy.


Laura Lenoci

Content & Social Media


A degree in Journalism and multiple marketing certifications makes Laura the perfect person to support our content creation and marketing efforts. She helps manage our content framework, writes articles, and and handles much of the social media work that we provide.


Laura’s personal hobbies include rescuing dogs, interior design, and cooking.


Sara Smestad

Top Animator & Illustrator


Sara Smestad is a visual development artist and animator currently working in Eugene, OR. She was recently featured as an “artist takeover” for Emerald City Comic Con.


Her professional experience in the games industry ranges from casual mobile and social apps to core console titles. At Disney Interactive, she was the animator and illustrator for such games as Disney City Girl, an app that experiences up to a million peak DAUs. Sara has also worked as a freelance artist for Reverge Labs on their hit, Skullgirls, winner of E3 Conference’s Best Fighting Game Award, and as a Junior Artist at SIGNAL studio in Charlotte, NC for national clients such as NASCAR.